Angel Has Fallen (2019)

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Angel Has Fallen (2019)

201945: 35 minsTV-MA

Loyalty is under fire

After a treacherous attack, Secret Service agent Mike Banning is charged with attempting to assassinate President Trumbull. Chased by his own colleagues and the FBI, Banning begins a race against the clock to clear his name.


  • Cast
    • Gerard Butler as Mike Banning
    • Morgan Freeman as Alan Trumbull
    • Jada Pinkett Smith as Agent Thompson
    • Nick Nolte as Clay Banning
    • Danny Huston as Wade Jennings
    • Tim Blake Nelson as VP Kirby
    • Lance Reddick as David Gentry
    • Frederick Schmidt as Travis Cole
    • Michael Landes as Sam Wilcox
    • Ori Pfeffer as Agent Murphy
    • Rocci Williams as Bruno
    • Piper Perabo as Leah Banning
    • Harry Ditson as Neurologist
    • Linda John-Pierre as Receptionist
    • Jasmine Hyde as CNN Reporter
    • Ian Porter as Fox Reporter
    • Laurel Lefkow as MSNBC Reporter
    • Mark Arnold as James Haskell
    • Kerry Shale as Ad. Paul Sebring
    • John Strong as US Senator
    • Mark Basnight as Senator
    • Jessica Cobley as Lynne Banning
    • Maisie Cobley as Lynne Banning
    • James Grogan as Secret Service Agent #1
    • Stuart McQuarrie as Doctor Siebertz
    • Katya Bakat as Dr. Cara
    • Joseph Millson as Agent Ramirez
    • Sapir Azulay as Agent Peterson
    • Buffy Davis as Judge Spire
    • Mickey Nelson as Senior Agent at Hospital
    • Andrew Brooke as US Marshal Reyes
    • Mark Rhino Smith as US Marshal Driver
    • Martin Behrman as FBI Agent
    • Ryan Oliva as Merc Truck Driver
    • Liam Coote as Sub Merc
    • Derek Siow as Salient Tech #1
    • Derek Morse as Salient Tech #2
    • Chris Browning as Militia Man #1
    • Greg Orvis as Militia Man #2
    • Brendan Kelly as Trucker
    • Conor Boru as State Police
    • Haley Bishop as Main Aide
    • Wayne Gordon as Merc #1
    • Antonio Bustorff as Merc #2
    • Stacee Vatanapan as Lady in Car
    • Mike Broomley as State Trooper
    • Osi Okerafor as Billy
    • Daniel Singh as CAT Agent #1
    • Georgia Goodman as ICU Nurse
    • Chris Rogers as ICU Colleague
    • Mike Bodie as Cyber Tech
    • Clayton Adams as Bellhop Nine
    • Erol Mehmet as Agent Sims
    • Charlotte Statham as Panicked Woman
    • Hadrian Howard as CAT Agent #2 – Agent Stevens
    • Atanas Srebrev as CAT Agent #3
    • Fahradin Fahradinov as CAT Agent #4
    • Martin Geraskov as CAT Agent #5
    • Nathan Cooper as CAT Agent #6
    • Nadia Konakchieva as Crying Woman
    • Sophia Del Pizzo as New Age Instructor
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